Tempura King Prawns £7.50

With strips of pickled cucumber served with a sweet chilli sauce

Chicory & Poached pear salad £6.95 (v)

With goats cheese, crouton salad and a crushed walnut salad

Deep Fried camembert £5.50 (v)

With cranberry red wine coulis

Avocado, mozzarella and Parma ham £4.95

Garnished with mixed baby salad

Burger Bar

Classic Beef £9.95

Salad and Onion relish

Chargrilled Chicken £9.95

Salad, Avocado, crispy bacon and garlic mayo

Chilli Beef £10.45

Hot chilli sauce, jalapeños, mayo, lettuce, tomato & red onion

Brie & Cranberry Chicken £10.45

Brie, cranberry sauce tomato, and red onion

Peppercorn Pile Up £11.25

Rump steak, salad topped with peppercorn sauce

Butternut Squash and Apple £10.25 (V)

Salad and caramelised sage aioli

Sweet Potato & Avocado £10.25 (V)

Salad & red onion

All burgers served with chips and coleslaw. Garnished with salad.
Extras: Bacon £1.00; Egg £1.00; Mushrooms £1.00; Cheese 50p; Avocado £1.50; Jalapeños 50p


Grilled Rump steak £13.95

With Frites, green salad and a grilled mushroom served with peppercorn sauce

Marinated Rump of Lamb £13.95

Served with mash potato grilled veg and red wine jus

Char-Grilled Corn-Fed Chicken Supreme £10.25

Served with celeriac green beans and yell jus

Freshly Made Vegetable Lasagne £9.45 (V)

Served with chips and salad

Freshly Made Beef Lasagne £9.95

Served with chips and salad

Grilled Seabass Fillet £10.25

With asparagus, new potatoes and sun dried tomato and a crème sauce

Tagliatelle Pasta £8.25

Served with a creamy spinach and wild mushroom sauce


Crème Brûlée £4.95; Glazed Lemon Pot £3.45; Warm Chocolate Brownie £4.50; Apple Crumble £3.95

Bar Snacks

Homemade Nachos £8.25 (V)

Served with guacamole, crème fraiche and salsa, topped with jalapeños and covered in cheese

Baked Sweet Potato £7.23 (v)

Topped with red onion, mushrooms, mozzarella and sweetcorn

Chicken Tikka wrap £5.95

Served with a minted yogurt sauce

Homemade Hummus (V) £4.25

Served with pitta bread

Chorizo & King Prawn Skewers £7.50

Garnished with baby mixed salad

Chicken Goujons £5.25

Served with garlic mayo

Fish Goujons £5.25

Served with a tartar sauce

Breaded Mushrooms £4.50 (v)

Served with garlic mayo


Chips £3.20 (served with BBQ Mayonnaise);  Marinated Olives £3.25 (served with crusty-bread); Wedges £3.50 (served with garlic mayo); Jalapeño Poppers £6.95 (deep fried jalapeño slices served with sweet chilli sauce); Mixed Grilled Seasonal Veg £3.50; Fresh Bread £2.50 (served with butter); Onion rings £3.45; Coleslaw £1.50; Green Salad £2.50.

Perfect Sunday Roast

Every Sunday

Topside Beef £8.95

Served with homemade Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes and mixed seasonal vegetables

Half Roasted Chicken  £8.95

Served with homemade Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes and mixed seasonal vegetables

Roast Leg of Lamb £8.95

Served with homemade Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes and mixed seasonal vegetables

Roast Pork £8.95

Served with savoy cabbage, lyonnaise potato and veal jus

Brunch Menu

Roxy’s Breakfast Burger £9.25

Beef burger with egg, sausage, mushroom, cheese and a hash brown served with baked beans and waffles

Ultimate Breakfast £8.50

Eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, baked beans grilled tomato and hash browns served with toast

Veggie style Ultimate breakfast £8.00

Eggs, Veggie sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans and hash browns served with toast

The salmon scramble £7.25

Scramble eggs, smoked salmon served on granary toast

Morning Treats

Fresh warm croissant with a choice of jam £3.25

Strawberry, Apricot, Blackcurrant, Raspberry

Fresh Warm Chocolate Croissant £3.50

Almond Croissant £2.25

Roxy Pancakes

Lemon and Sugar £2.00; Raspberries and chocolate sauce £3.25; Syrup and Bacon £4.25

Roxy Porridges

Plain Porridge £3.00; Porridge and Syrup £3.50; Porridge with fresh fruit £4.00

Hot Drinks


Caffé Latte £2.25/£2.45; Cappuccino £2.25/£2.45; Americano £2.25/£2.45; Espresso £2.25/£2.45; Hot Chocolate £2.25/£2.45; Traditional Tea £1.95/£2.00; Peppermint Tea £1.95/£2.00



Orange £1.80/£2.80; Cranberry £1.80/£2.80; Pineapple £1.80/£2.80; Apple £1.80/£2.80